Where is My Basement?

Basements used to be viewed as cold, dark, and scary until some people began to get creative and turned their basement into extra living space. Originally basements were built, mostly in northern homes, for pipes to go through to prevent freezing. Homeowners began to take advantage of them to create extra living space for TVs, games, extra bedrooms etc. This began a “finished basement” craze across the country as more and more people shopping for homes wants a luxurious finished basement. Most people nowadays do not just want basements, they want finished basements.

What people are finding out is that not all homes even have a basement. Why? This is due to a few different factors. In many areas, it is due to the clay and soil underneath the house that would eventually cause foundation problems. In many parts of the country, there are things like sinkholes or clay or soil that is so soft that a house begins to sink anyway. This can cause homes to tilt or even basements to crack. In others, it is due to the elevation and water levels in the area, so not having a basement prevents flooding. This goes the same with sandy soil. These types of areas make basements impractical or in some cases, dangerous.

If you are looking for a house with a basement, do not just assume that your desired city has them. Make sure you are finding the right fit for your needs and desires, not just in location, but in your home.

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