International Real Estate

In the past, we have discussed the best places to invest in vacation homes in the United States. There are many people out there who look to get out of the country.  Buying real estate internationally, whether it be a home or a lot, can be done for a number of reasons. Some do it for their own leisure while others do it as an investment and rent the property out to others for profit. If you choose the right location, no matter what your reasoning, it can be a profitable investment.  The following international markets provide rising prices for higher re-sale value or high rental market prices for you to invest in wisely. Here are the top five:

Ecuador’s North Coast – Provides low list prices with higher rental prices and a rising appreciation.

Tulum, Mexico – Best appreciation potential with no sticker price shock.

Costa Rica’s Southern Zone – Low prices and still unknown to most.

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic – Lots of value for your money and also great re-sale values with an average or 8%!

Iracema, Brazil – Great rental prices with low purchase prices brings in great income as this area is a hot tourist area.

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