Going Solar

Most people know the advantages of solar power as opposed to using electricity.  What many people do not know is how little the cost is and whether or not it is possible for them to do. For myself, I had only really heard of solar panels being put on roofs, only giving you a portion of your home’s energy. This is what many people out there think of when they think of solar energy for their homes, but what they do not know is that solar energy can power their entire home giving them a zero dollar per month electricity bill!

Things you need to consider before switching over:

  • How much sunlight do you get a day in the town or state that you live in. For instance, if you live in Alaska, this type of energy may not be practical.
  • How much electricity do you use per month? Is it enough to even consider switching?
  • Where can the system be installed? Solar power systems require solar panels to be installed on your roof. Yes, it is what you imagined, but it provides so much more power than you thought. South facing roofs work the best.

Once you have made the decision, the rest is cake! On average, a solar system for a mid-sized home costs just under $10,000.  Due to a thirty percent federal tax credit offered to homeowners who go solar, you will only end up paying around $7,000 out of pocket. Once it is installed, that means no more electric bills and a much smaller carbon footprint from you. You will be one step closer to becoming “green”.

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