Dan Gilbert Owns 5% of Detroit

It is no secret that Detroit has a bad reputation all across the country. The city has filed for bankruptcy and many have already lost hope for the city. However, Quicken Loan’s Chairman, Dan Gilbert has a goal of giving a new life to it. He has fixed up more than 22 buildings in the city as well as put in a bid to fix it up an incomplete prison. Also, with his other company, Rock Ventures, owning 7.3 million square feet of the city, Gilbert has huge plans for the city, hoping to bring it to new heights. To do this, he already spent about 1 billion dollars acquiring just the real estate alone. Although, his plans will certainly give a boost to the city, if successful, will also give him quite a fortune.

In 1930, Detroit was the most desirable city in the world. What do you think Detroit will look like in 2030?

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