Advantages and disadvantages of container houses

Mobile Home-Portable home - Interior container - Structure container - Container home for rent

Container homes are used commonly in Vietnam and throughout the world. In a certain term, a container house looks like a normal house.

Depending on the type of container, it will decide to aestheticism and efficiency as well as quality. The reason why the container was chosen to build houses is for the strong rise through the veins on the surface of the container. You do not need to build foundations, walls; you only need to have doors and windows. Not only that, when you want to move house, you just rent the car and crane to help you.

For those who prefer the challenge and novelty, they are willing to recycle the containers into beautiful homes, in accordance with the needs of the family. In addition, the cost of this type is only by half compared to the brick home.

If we know how to lay out and arrangeā€¦

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