Will You Make Time, Your Friend Or Your Enemy? Only Time Will Tell

Time Is Ticking

Time is self-sufficient. It is not sympathetic nor does it offer any favors. Time is eager, persistent, and invincible. You cannot slow it down or speed it up. Time is the most popular and respected celebrity in the world.

Whatever you want to do with your life. Do it! When you are working towards your goal, you are traveling with time. When you are not working towards your goal, you are not traveling with time. In fact, you are actually going backwards because time continues to move on without you. Whether you do anything with life or not, you will continue to get older and older. Do you want to be at your deathbed feeling unfulfilled?

When my time is up, I want to know that I LIVED the life that I intended, LOVED myself and others to show my appreciation, and MATTERED in the world by playing my role in society that made a difference.

So, the questions remains: Will you make time, your friend or your enemy?

Only time will tell!

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