Getting Started In Real Estate

So, you want to get started in real estate? You have made the decision that this is the industry that you want to pursue. In order to be successful, you will need at least one of the following things: time, money, or credit.

Most real estate niches take time and patience in order to be successful. You have to go out there and invest your time to do the job at hand (i.e. wholesaling, property scouting as a birddog, or being a realtor’s assistant).  Wholesaling, for instance, requires time in looking for the right house to purchase, doing research, and selling the house. The profit can be great, but the time required is also great.

Having money can provide you with a variety of options. Although, not all aspects of real estate require money, there are quite a few that do. Buying a house usually requires money and a budget, especially if you plan to renovate it. You will also have to pay money if you are considering to buying a tax lien or deed, an investment property, or investing in your own education via real estate courses.

Another thing to consider would be credit.  When you have credit, it is easy to get loans or help from others. You can work easily with hard money lenders and also be able to take on larger projects. This could include rehabbing or buying several investment properties.

Now, you see that there are several ways to get started in real estate. The question to ask yourself, “What do you have?”

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